Friday, January 8, 2010

Meyer Lemons

One of the dilemmas I have with buying local is that some things are just not grown in our zone 5 area. I don't have a Meyer Lemon tree...yet, so I decided that instead of buying a couple lemons each week at the grocery store, I would buy a box from a small organic farmer. I found the the Birch-Hill Organics farm in Atascadero, California. Richard Burchiel, aka the "organic farmer" wrote the nicest note. They will accommodate special requests with regard to size and ripeness if they can. They were quite prompt with shipping and communication. You can just imagine the smell when I opened up this box of sunshine!

Click on the picture to read the letter from Richard, organic farmer.

I used a recipe for preserved lemons from The Mediterranean Pantry recipe book. I then had a lot of the rinds leftover. I candied them using a simple syrup and organic sugar.

They may last up to 3 weeks...yeah, right! I am also going to make a Lemon Marmalade.

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