Sunday, May 31, 2009


Fun in the Neighborhood

Transplanting Herbs into Rescued Pots

Our neighbor had a pile of old pots in his backyard. I asked if I could have some and he said as many as I wanted! *Reduce*Reuse*Recycle* I washed them all in a tub of water and bleach. I then transplanted my lovely Lurgan Greenhouse and Nursery herbs.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

46 hours in five days

The Fence Is Painted

Worker bee finished up the fence today! Good ole worker bee.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Empty Nest Syndrome

I told worker bee he had to deal with the baby bunnies in our yard tonight. He kept saying she is just a crazy rabbit and there were no babies. When we uncovered the "nest", it was indeed empty! She keeps coming back to it, so she is just our silly wabbit. Fits right into the crazy side of our family...yeah, that would be our side, Mom.


The taller peonies are both white and pink! I will get more pictures in a few days, but these smell so wonderful.

True Sentiments

My eighty-five year old neighbor, Mr. Hench made this sign and was trying to sneak it into my garden before I saw him. I caught him though. What a hoot!

First Failures and Successes

These radishes were the first planted and look horrible.

The second planting of my radishes look so much better and taste great! We are having the red lettuce, buttercrunch lettuce and spinach with the radishes to make a great salad.


Thursday, May 28, 2009


Small, but plentiful.

Beet and Kale Seeds Look Alike?

The kale is really filling in nicely now after I replanted the squares.

Do you see where I replanted beets where the bunny sat on them while she munched on half a row of lettuce? The problem is, I replaced the destroyed beets with kale! Prunes!

In another square, Ms. Wabbit is not giving is the string she chewed through just before the scarecrow scared her off. She just loves that Buttercrunch Lettuce.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Iris in Full Bloom

Even in the pouring down rain, the Iris are blooming their hearts out.


We have an Amish grocery store Named BB's about twenty-one miles from us. They have these bargains of bent and bumped groceries filling an entire store. I went and picked up two fruit boxes FILLED with healthy snacks (OK, some aren't so the cookies, but they are great!). Each box cost $2.00! Crazy! I had a grocery cart filled for $7.56.


As the Bleeding Heart finishes blooming and dies back, the Astilbe 'Rhineland' (Latin Name: Marie Iannotti) fills out and begins to bloom in the same area.

Lurgan Greenhouse and Nursery

I went to another Amish run business named Lurgan Greenhouse and Nursery and it was amazing! It is located about thirty miles away, but in the same direction as BB's, so I made a sweeping loop. They don't have a website, but their address is 8126 Oakdale Rd., Orrstown, PA 17244. It is a tad tricky to find as the road they are on is broken up by a highway and continues on down the block, but it is worth the effort. What an amazing selection! I bought my herbs and pepper plants that I have been wanting for a while.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bird House Gourd Seeds

I planted five of the Bird House Gourd seeds just to the right of the remaining trellis. I have enjoyed reading about the gourds being made into Martin houses. You will enjoy it as well by clicking here.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Gift ~ Chicks and Hens

Which goes first? The chicken or the hen? Doesn' t matter! My neighbors gave me some for my garden. Aren't they cute?


The woman who with her husband, built our home and planted this rose bush, said it always bloomed by Memorial Day. It kept up this tradition each and every year for the last twenty, with this being no exception. Happy Memorial Day!

Thuja Replanting

I am not sure you can see them all, but we planted the remaining Thuja in front of the fence all the way over to the gate. Now if we lose the fence, we will have a natural fence for privacy. Dickinson College student Nate Kirkland's sunflowers are surviving despite being stepped on by us and chewed on by the rabbit.


The pumpkin finally grew its real leaves, so I better figure out how I am going to trellis this baby. Oy!


This dragonfly seems to like the new clothespin bag, made from the mim's jeans which ripped out in the seat.

Rain Barrel Half Full

It finally rained last night! I got up a 5:00AM to check on the rain barrel. (I know...I may need some type of intervention.) According to my rain gauge, we were blessed with one inch. It filled the rain barrel half way, which is about 20 gallons. Can you believe that just one side of that little shed roof enables us to collect 20 gallons per inch of rain? The greenish white stuff floating in the water is not pickle juice! It is pollen from the PA Hemlocks. It puts a green dusting on everything this time of year...until it rains.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Moment of Zen ~ Our Wren

Our little wren seems to like the rescued chair. She is just singing with her whole body! Waiting for the blueberries to get ripe, I'll bet.

Lovely, Lovely Iris