Thursday, October 22, 2009

Planting Garlic

I planted my garlic today! I bought five soft neck bulbs from the Seed Savers Exchange. I really wanted to support this organization, but it was not cheap and they were shipped from pretty far away. I planted one Elephant Garlic (4 cloves), one Pskem River Garlic bulbs (8 cloves), one Bogatyr (8 cloves), and two Samarkind (16 cloves).

Mr. Hench saved some of his oak leaves for me to use as mulch to keep the little cloves warm and happy over the winter.
I still had four 12-inch squares I want to fill with garlic, so I am planting the cloves from the two organic garlic bulbs (14 cloves) I got from Dickinson College's Farm. I am not sure how they will do, but they were only seventy-five cents each, which is quite inexpensive compared to the Seed Savers prices. Plus they are as local as you can get. Time will tell if they grow well.

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