Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Stoop

Over the last two days, I replaced the carpeting on my front steps. It took me two days, as my "worker bee" was out of town and I missed his muscles to help pull off the old carpeting. Again...what was I thinking to do this project when the "bee" was away? In 90 degree weather, I spent 3 hours with a crow bar removing the old carpet. With the sun beating down on the stoop, I stopped until the next day to glue the new one on. I love calling the front steps the old fashioned word, stoop. The girls used to play 'stoop ball' in the summer. As the mim says, "Mar and I own 'stoop ball'!" My mother used to play 'stoop ball' when she was growing up in Brooklyn. Here is a link to the rules of stoop ball.

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