Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I was just reading about how House Wrens (Latin Name: Troglodytes aedon or HOWR) will fill a birdhouse with sticks in order to make it useless to other birds. It is believed they do this to cut down on the competition in the area. I thought my wren's house was going to have a family when I saw them taking loads of sticks in the house. They are in the area, but they are not using this house. It is chock full of sticks and debris and appears to have no nest. Oh well. At least I still hear her singing in the trees. Update: The house DOES have babies. She must have had to put in all the sticks to build it up so the babies could fly out once they were old enough. I passed by the house and heard little cheeps. I now notice both she and her mate are both delivering food constantly. Nice. The entrance hole does seem to be up too high on this house.

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