Saturday, June 13, 2009


The tomatoes also are producing blossoms now. Yeah! The last picture is of a 'Sisters' plant. It has no blossoms, and massive, weird leaves. I am using plastic bags to help stake up the tomato plants. The bags are free and gentle on the stems...I think. I just cut them into strips and followed the directions at the Fine Gardening site. I plan to transplant three of the tomato plants into the squares where I have lettuce just finishing up. The other transplanted tomato plants have really been doing well.


  1. Ohhhh my gosh! The babies are getting soooo big!

  2. Where in the world are you? I assume somewhere in the USA, towards the south-ish? I wish my tomatoes were doing so well - we in the UK have had a cold, late spring and while the tomatoes are doing ok, they're nowhere near as advanced as yours!

  3. Hi Ruth,

    We are in central Pennsylvania. I did start them from seed inside with grow lights. I am new at this and have to admit that I have killed off more than I have grown. So glad you stopped by!